I had the pleasure of giving a make-up workshop to girls from ages 11 to 22 last weekend, primarily focusing on stage make-up and in particular for the Irish dancing stage.

It reminded me of my time, ahem… a few years ago doing competition and the dedication these young people put into what they love to do.


Irish dancing, as we know has captured the world and more so since Riverdance crashed onto the global stage but it always makes me so proud and inspired that people are as passionate as I was and still am about this art form.


These girls needed help taking their make-up know-how from day to stage, which is completely different.


One of the 1st mistakes girls make is applying the smoky-eye look for stage, this can make the eyes look smaller and undefined.

It’s all about opening up the eye and letting the expression and passion through the eyes read to the audience and the judges.

*Remember, ever before you start dancing you’re judged on your appearance and you know what they say about first impressions and all that!


So I spent a few hours explaining:

  • Face definition and simple contouring tips.
  • Eye shadow and liner application to open up the eye.
  • How to apply false lashes
  • Make-up colours to suit each individual and much more.


Apparently the girls tried out their newfound knowledge at a feis the next day and it paid off!


Thank you to the girls, their teacher and their Mam’s in Cork!

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