“So how do we make these into finale costumes?” was the dilemma late afternoon on Tuesday August 14th, 1 day prior to our debut show of Take The Floor when, to our comical dismay discovered that our costume delivery was in fact, not our costume delivery!

Shane and I had a shoe-string budget to put the costumes together for Take The Floor (with a meager cast of 61!)  and so after much research we found a website with a vast range that delivered to Ireland. We must admit, for the most part what we received was fine. Some may have been a little shorter than the picture and description, some not quite the right shade but nothing that posed a major problem, yet!

While getting a little hot around the collar waiting for the final deliveries (customs deciding to hang on to them a little longer than what we would like) and after much consternation of how we were going to collect them from the opposite side of the city with a gazillion things to get done in the Helix every day (thank you Gerry for coming to the rescue) the boxes arrived into the production office. Not forgetting, 1 day prior to the show!

I hugged Gerry so tightly when he came in the door with the remaining boxes and then allowed my shoulders to drop back down the 3 inches they had risen in the previous days!

I proceeded to open the 1st small box, which seemed somewhat heavy for material goods. Often, the clothing company enclose a little gift of a necklace or an item of clothing with your delivery so I was a little taken a back that they were sending me an orange can opener as a gift?


Is that another can opener??…

Oh no, oh NO…


Clambering, tearing and hysteria ensue and we are to find a box of can openers as the girls finale costumes and skittle coloured children’s skirts as the girls ‘black’ costume skirts!

Disbelief and a build-up of delirium from the previous 8 days come crashing to the surface and we breakdown in hysterics of laughter.

Thank the lord Shane McAvinchey is my business partner and promotes such unhealthy responses to these relatively heightened and time-constrained situations on a daily basis!

To cut to the chase – with the aid of Sean Gilligan, stage school director, who happened to be in the Helix that day (thank you Nan and Eithne!) we obtained some, much needed skirts and re-jigged the other costumes to fit the finale.

The show must go on (or rather the dancers must be, at least clothed)!

So if anyone would like an orange can opener or a childs ra-ra skirt, I know where they’re going cheap…!

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