People have found that this simple tip has made a big difference to their overall look and feel so I thought I’d share (see below)..

Yes, it’s true, your footwear can make or break an outfit.

So you’re shopping for the perfect outfit for that high society wedding, ball, work function or perhaps a stylish night out on the tiles with the girls and you find the perfect dress and accessories. The search then begins for shoes to match. You’re now standing in the shoe shop pivoting to the right and the left, walking a few steps to and from the mirror, wondering whether they’ll befit your fabulous new outfit.  You look at your watch to discover you have 2 minutes left to select the correct pair, pay for them and get back to your car so in a moment of panic you buy said shoes and rush out the door.

The stylish day arrives and you don your finest threads and lastly pop on your shoes (to match?). There’s something not quite right about it. “Hmm, my frame is small but chunky heels are in this season, yet they don’t seem right and I’m not sure if the colour is a good match for the dress?”

Okay, so it’s not that bad but for the time, effort and money you’ve spent on this outfit, you should be looking better than Kate Middleton at her latest royal outing!..

So here it is: 

Your bone-scale depicts what type of heel you can wear.
 *Small frame and bone-scale = more slender heel and sole.
*Larger frame and bone-scale = thicker heel and sole.

Are your wrists and ankles slender or larger?
*Also, when you’re matching a shoe to an outfit, make sure you bring your outfit (or part there of), what you think is the right colour, can easily be a shade or 2 out..
If you want to find out more, grab yourself a Style Consultation and be Everyday-Fabulous!
Happy shoe shopping everyone!
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