Style & Image Coaching

Become your own stylist!

In this 2+ hour session, we will identify your best necklines, jackets, skirts, fabrics, hairstyling, eyewear and accessories to wear and how to use clothing in a flattering and harmonious way, expressing your individual style.

This is a detailed session where your body proportions are calculated, ultimatley resulting in depicting your body type and formulating your style and shopping guidelines from there. By identifying your correct face shape, learn what eyewear is most suitable to your face and also what hairstyles to go for and what to avoid.

Should you be wearing pointy or round toe shoes, geometric or soft patterns, curved or angular necklines?.

Everyone has their likes and dislikes in clothing and fashion. In determining your own style personality, through our style questionaire, it will ensure that you will be completely comfortable and confident in how you dress and present yourself from here on in.

At the end of your consultation, a personal style guide will be put together for you. Herein lies your very own Style bible!