(reminiscing over my last costume from my competitive years!)

Doesn’t everyone want the perfect dance costume?

It can be the equivalent (or at least, almost!) to selecting a wedding gown!

The right colours are essential, as well as the shape and style.

The moment you put on your new dance dress is one of importance. If you’re truly happy with it, you’ll feel on top of the world and ready to take that world stage by storm!

If it isn’t quite right, then the effects can be a little damaging.

“It’s only a dress” I hear you say but an Irish Dance Costume is never just “a dress’!

In recent years we’ve seen fashion trends becoming apparent in our dance costumes:

Drop waists, soft skirts, bolero style design details, colour trends and so on.

I’m all for individual style. When doing your solo dancing you are representing yourself and we, of course all want to put our best foot forward (pardon the pun!)

A couple of do’s and don’ts when choosing the perfect Irish Dance Costume for you:


  • Presume that a style of dress you’ve seen on someone else and admired will automatically suit you
  • Choose colours based on what looks good on other people
  • Follow fashion trends if those trends don’t really suit you


  • Use a high collar if you have a long neck
  • Break up the length of the bodice, in your design if you have a long body (otherwise your torso might look very long and your legs, very short)
  • Choose colours that look good on you (*if you look in the mirror and say something like “It’ll look better when I’ve make-up on” then the colours may be too draining on you)

As with my day-to-day clients, who see a massive difference in their appearance after having their colours done, it is so important for Irish dancers to know the colours that suit them as individuals.

Dancers that have had their colours done have never looked back and have reaped the rewards!

My advice: Find a Colour Analyst in your area and invest in this service before you pay out all that money on your next costume. It’s not like Irish dance costumes are cheap so why not get the best one possible for you?

Anna – before and after!





















Any questions, visit my facebook page, I’m happy to help!

Happy & stylish dancing!





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