(from a previous post 13/2/09)

We’re ready!! Let us depart this winter and all that has gone with it and enter Spring and it’s gentle promise of something better.

If nothing else the return to brights will act as a pick-me-up. Pinks, blues and purples will be evident throughout the Spring collections.

I suggest raiding through last years clothes in your wardrobe and giving yourself a mini wardrobe plan, a spring plan, if you will.

Put a capsule look together (eg)
Accessories; scarf, belt, bag, jewellery, hoisery
(from a previous post – 13/2/09)

Now, keep the same jacket and skirt (or trousers) and introduce a different top, shoes and accessories. Here you can create a very different look by maintaining the frame of your outfit.
To, once again reinvent what you already have the basis of, keep the same skirt or trousers and top as before and introduce a different jacket or cardigan, shoes or boots and accessories.
A little forward planning is all it takes to keep you looking stylish and ultimately feeling better stepping out every morning.

Create 3 of these looks from your wardrobe or as many as your wardrobe will allow and see how far your newly reinvented looks will stretch!

Top Tips:
• Match your hoisery to your hemline (also good for leg lengthening)
• Spruce up last years oufits with accessories and a change of footwear.

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